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Candida Treatment With Canxida Remove Antifungal

That Candida is a part of normal human biology came to me as a shock. I used to get loose motions every few months but that never bothered me until about a year back, fatigue set in one evening. My stomach gave away big time and I couldnít stomach the aroma of rich foods. Even that of the Indian, clarified butterís on white rice with salt. The condition improved within a week or so but my stools came out pale and floated in the water. I was also thinning down pretty fast, so the doc prescribed me soya beans and an amino acid/vitamins/minerals supplement to gain back the lost weight. I found I couldnít stomach them either, so turned to homotoxicological treatments and naturopathy/herbal therapy.

At the same time, I searched online a lot on natural preparations that could fix my loose guts. The detoxing and alkalinizing measures didnít work too well; this was when I learnt about probiotics and started charging them alongside. My condition improved a bit more but that was about it. It wasnít a full recovery and thatís how things have been so far.

I didnít come across CanXida Remover until recently and I would have just migrated to another page if I missed the ingredients list. What struck me is other formulations Iíve used didnít have all of them in one single mix; few had some, some had few but this one has them all!

This time, I was eating around 8 to 10 pieces of garlic every day but that Ė now I know Ė is not enough. CanXida Remover puts in 2% allicin in every scoop or every 100 gram of the thing has 2 grams of garlic concentrate into it. So rightfully, how much garlic to eat with a 1 kilogram meal? Thatís 20 grams; with four square meals a day, 80 grams! Are you sure you can throat that much? That 2% Allicin is going to kill the candida; lower doses just keep them from growing.

Next are the flavonoids in the formula which puts the second nail into the candida coffin. They deactivate a pathogenís enzymes, over 900 types of them. I would call the Berberine HCL the third and the biotin the 4th nail in candidaís coffin. The first one has antibiotic-like properties and works on e-coli, staph, giardia and amoebic infections too; even leishmania and trichomonas vaginalis. Besides, it also heals the mucous membranes which further aids enhancing the immune functions. Lastly, its liver-boosting effects circulate bile Ė the bodyís own anti-microbial concoction Ė and break a double-attack on any chronic infection.

As for the biotin, I have read too many people praising vociferously its addition to the mix, so no point in going through the same, again. Instead, letís see why they added clove, which we know of as a tremendously good mouth-freshener. Clove contains eugenol and its antifungal by nature. It shows inhibitory activities when exposed to pathogens; for example, yeast cells rupture and die at its presence. Besides, it also stops candida from growing the roots, so itís a good support to biotin. Itís as good as fluconazole in right doses and without its side effects. So the thing is, CanXida Remover is a mix that offers supportive measures to back the curative ones. Unless it sustains, no cure is cure enough.